Lyric Video Premiere: tyDi — "Something About You"

We have the round-the-world-themed lyric video from the Australian DJ before anybody else...


Australian producer tyDi may know how to deliver a popping EDM track and put together remixes of popular songs, but the DJ is actually a classically trained musician and has a music degree under his belt. Which is why we're stoked to be premiering a lyric video with somebody who is not only up-and-coming, but multi-talented as well.
His latest single "Something About You" features the vocals from a fellow up-and-comer, European singer/songwriter Kerli, and we're premiering the song's lyric video before anybody else.

The video is a collection of clips following tyDi around the world as he plays live for dozens of sold-out crowds, and even captures him hard at work in the studio, exploring the cities he visits, and downtime with his dog. The tune itself is brought to life by Kerli's strong vocals, all about a captivating individual where there's something about them that she can't quite put her finger on. Watch the exciting lyric video from tyDi below:

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