Lyrically Inspired Halloween Costume: Lana Del Rey - Ride

Lana Del Rey Ride Still

If you're anything like us pop culture junkies, your Halloween costumes have always been based in music, movies, or television. There's just something about dressing up as your favorite artist or movie character and meeting somebody who also shares your love for them. In this edition of Lyrically Inspired Halloween Costume we give you the low down on how to dress up like Lana Del Rey in the context of her song "Ride."

"Been trying hard not to get into trouble, but I / I've got a war in my mind / I just ride, I just ride"

"Ride" tells the story of a girl who's living life in the moment, travelling across the country and meeting vagabonds just like herself. You can easily get her biker-chic look at your local thrift store. Here's what you'll need:

Image c/o Polyvore
Look 1: This look is featured in the "Ride" video when Lana is hanging out at the convenience store. All you need are some old cut off shorts, a red bow headband (you can buy it or make it yourself with some ribbon and a glue gun), red sneakers, and a soft vintage t-shirt. This one fittingly says "Famous."

Image c/o Polyvore
Look 2: The rest of the video shows Lana fully embracing the biker lifestyle of the people she has met and dressing like them too. Old leather jackets with fringe are super common a second hand stores (probably because they aren't exactly "on-trend" for the moment) and so are old beat up cowboy boots. Don't forget to get Lana's signature big hair with a curling iron and lots — we mean LOTS — of hair spray.

Watch the video to get inspired:

Do you plan to dress up as Lana Del Rey for Halloween? Do you have any other ideas for a lyrically inspired Halloween costume? Tell us below...