Lyrically Inspired Halloween Costume: Rihanna — Diamonds

Alright, people, tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for: Halloween 2012! And if you haven't found your Lyrically Inspired Halloween Costume yet, well, we have one final look for you — Rihanna, inspired by her "Diamonds" lyrics. After all, you want to "Shine bright like a diamond" this Halloween, right? Here's how you do it:

Image c/o Polyvore

If you don't already sport Rihanna's raven tresses, then find a semi-permanent black hair dye or better yet a cropped black wig! Slap on some burgundy lipstick for her dramatic look, as well as a long beautiful dress with some sheen to it for some sparkle. Rihanna's been loving her sneakers these days, so we thought we'd throw in some studded camel-hued sneaks for the diva. Top the whole thing off with — what else — diamond earrings!

Rihanna's "Diamonds" video is yet to hit the web, so for now, blast her hit tune on VEVO:

Are you dressing up like a pop star tomorrow? Let us know your costume ideas!