Here's a Halloween Costume Inspired by the Lyrics to Taylor Swift's 'Red'

A little last minute Tay-Tay inspiration...

Taylor Swift in red dress

Are you a last-minute type of person who is still stumped on what to be for Halloween? Well if you and your friends are pop-music junkies like we are, this Lyrically Inspired Halloween Costume could be just the ticket.

Taylor Swift has been heavily featured in the music news world lately because of the release of her new album Red. We decided to take inspiration from the album's title track "Red" and its lyrics for this cute and easy costume idea. Read on to see how to get the "Red" look:
Taylor Swift Image c/o Polyvore

Obviously red is the prominent color here, but in the chorus of the song, Taylor sings "Losing him was blue like I'd never known / Missing him was dark grey all alone / Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you've never met / But loving him was red," so we thought it would be cool to include an accent in blue and grey. Pair a red dress (easily found for cheap at a second hand store or borrowed from a friend) with blue shoes and a grey bag for the most on-point lyrical look.
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You can also get her signature wavy locks with a 3-barrel curling iron and a bit of time. Don't forget a little red nail polish a la Taylor and complete the whole look by topping it off with one of the singers' infamous "surprised" looks! Bonus points if you can find an acoustic guitar to carry around with you, too!

Are you planning on dressing up as Taylor Swift this Halloween? Tell us your costume plans below!