Madonna - MNDA: All The Lyrics To Madonna's New Album

Madonna's long-awaited new album MDNA is finally here! We've had sneak peaks at tracks, we've seen lyric videos, we even got to see a performance of one of the albums' songs at the Super Bowl, but now we get to hear it in its entirety and we couldn't be more excited.

MDNA is a pop album that is sure to make you dance, with many of the tracks being produced by house and dance music producers like Benny Bennassi, Martin Solveig, and William Orbit. However, MDNA is not just a dance album: it also takes repeated shots at Madonna's ex-husband, Guy Ritchie.  On "I Don't Give A" , Madonna sings about how she "tried to be [his] wife",  and "in the end it was a failure." Ouch! She also takes out angst on the song "Love Spent," which she co-wrote. "Would you have married me if I were poor?", Madge sings. Feisty!

Of course, all the lyrics aren't a jab at her ex: Madge's daughter Lourdes has a guest vocal on the fun, poppy song "Superstar", and she even got her brother-in-law Joe Henry on board for the playful ballad "Falling Free" — he co-wrote it!

Here's the tracklisting and lyrics to Madonna's new album MDNA:

01. Girl Gone Wild

02. Gang Bang

03. I'm Addicted

04. Turn up the Radio

05. Give me all your Luvin' (ft. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj)

06. Some Girls

07. Superstar

08. I Don't Give A (ft. Nicki Minaj)

09. I'm a Sinner

10. Love Spent

11. Masterpiece

12. Falling Free

Deluxe Edition tracks:

13. Beautiful Killer

14. I F****d Up

15. B-Day Song (ft. M.I.A.)

16. Best Friend

17. Give me all your Luvin' (LMFAO Remix - ft. Nicki Minaj and LMFAO)


Which track is your favorite so far? Tell us what you think in the comments!