Madonna's Comeback: 'Masterpiece' and Superbowl

Madonna has had so many "comebacks" and transformations that it's barely worth calling them that. Reccently, somebody leaked the unchallenged Queen of Pop's demo off her upcoming album! Two tracks, 'Give Me All Your Love' and 'Masterpiece' were the standouts. 

'Give Me All Your Love' is an extremely poppy, rather bubble-gum song that one would expect from a much younger artist (you can listen to it here if it hasn't been removed) but 'Masterpiece' is a much more adult ballad about being in love with a perfect person. 

The lyrics of 'Masterpiece' tell of the pain of being in love with a "masterpiece" and how she feels unworthy: 

It hurts so much / To be in love with the masterpiece / 'Cause after all / Nothing's indestructible

The lyrics go on to describe the person in question as somebody who prefers to be looked at but not touched, somebody who won't let anyone in emotionally: 

It seem to me is what you're like / The "look but please don't touch me" type / And honestly it can't be fun / To always be the chosen one

The song and lyrics are overall a great preview of what's to come from Madonna's next album, due out next spring. Though it's just a demo, you can listen to the song here. We're excited to be seeing more of Madonna; it was just announced that she'll be playing the halftime show at the Superbowl! Hopefully there won't be any "wardrobe malfunctions", although Madonna has never been exactly modest in her attire!