Madonna's Debut Album Anniversary: Madonna vs. Gaga

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. This old song and dance. The perpetual Lady Gaga vs. Madonna argument is almost as timeless as the "chicken or the egg," but it's the 28th anniversary of Madonna's debut album and I feel like adding my two cents to this head to head battle. I'm not trying to figure out who's better, more "chameleon-like" or more vegan, alls I'm sayin is that these two have a lot in common... 

1. The (shifty) beauty mark

Every time I see Lady Gaga her beauty mark is in a different place! Sometimes it's next to her eye, sometimes it's under her eye, other times it's on her cheek. If I had the chance to interview her, "WHY IS YOUR BEAUTY MARK ALWAYS MOVING?" would be my first question. Of course, the interview would probably start and finish there... Come on Gags, I'd appreciate some consistency here, at least Madonna's fake beauty mark stayed put. 

2. Head-bows

Pretty self-explanatory. Madonna wore a giant bow on her head. Lady Gaga wore a giant bow made of hair on her head. Nothin' to see here.

3. Crosses

According to their affinity with crucifix jewelry, both Mother Monster and Madge are super down with Jesus. Madonna has tons of cross jewelry in a handful of her early videos while Gags has only begun to sport them recently. Does this mean priests are the new black...? Which brings me to my next point....

4. ~*Multi-Cultural*~ Jesus

How could Lady Gaga still be in love with Judas when Jesus is so hot? I'm not really sure if Madonna or L-Gagz were trying to make a "statement" when they cast multi-cultural men to represent Jesus or if they just didn't want some scruffy dude who looks like Tom Hanks from Castaway in their vids. Either way, it's just another lil' quirk they share.

There. You're welcome Gaga and Madonna, I've broken the ice for you. Now go be best friends.