Watch Peyton & Eli Manning's Ridiculous New Rap Video

The quarterback bros rap about their fantasy football fantasy, and things get interesting...

We're all aware that the Manning brothers are great football players, but did you know they're also an aspiring rap duo? Okay, so that's not entirely true, but they did just release a brand new rap video that features Peyton and Eli rapping about all fantasy football to advertise DirectTV's new Fantasy Zone channel. It's called the "Fantasy Football Fantasy," and includes some pretty insane fantasies. Things like...

A football filled with nachos.

An end zone that ends in a waterfall.

A shower that showers you in tiny footballs

Eli Manning lifting weights.

And dressing up in layers.

And then, inexplicably, launching up into outer space on the back of a winged horse, where he runs into his dad, who's also in space, all while Peyton plays the role of Man in the Moon.

So yeah, things get pretty weird. Watch the full video below.

Bonus points for the amazing Broadway Joe Namath cameo.
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