Mariah Carey Named New American Idol Judge: Her Lyrical Advice For Contestants

Mariah Carey is a singer, songwriter, mother of twins, and a known super-diva, so we imagine that for contestants auditioning in front of her on next season's American Idol, it won't be a cakewalk. It's got to be pretty nerve-wracking performing in front of somebody with a five-octave vocal range and a two-decades long career but we're here to offer you some advice straight from the horse's mouth (not that the adorable Mariah even remotely resembles a horse). Here are some pieces of advice Idol contestants should follow if they want to impress Mimi...

1. (Don't) Touch My Body


 The lyrics make it seem like Mariah's asking somebody to touch her body, but if you'll recall the music video, it was all just a creepy fantasy in the mind of her tech-support guy. We don't recommend for contestants to touch Mimi, because she's a glamorous and high-maintenance diva, ok?

2. Don't act too Obsessed with her


 Listen, she knows she's adored by millions of people and that tons of guys and girls would kill to be with her, but as she states in her lyrics, don't be up on all the blogs sayin' you met at the bar. Be respectful, courteous, and not too familiar. Also it'll help if your voice is really really good...

3. Don't sing Hero


 Ok, so this isn't exactly something Mariah has ever said not to do but think about it for a second: "Hero" has got to be the most overdone Mariah Carey song on any singing competition show ever, right? Plus, good luck measuring up to her killer pipes in that song.

4. DO mention Butterflies


 If you're a Mariah Carey fan then you will be familiar with her absolute obsession with butterflies. She has an album and a song named "Butterfly" and her logo incorporates the pretty insect. When you're telling the judges about your story, casually mention your transformation from a shy tween (perhaps liken the experience to being in a "cocoon") to a confident, shining singer/songwriter/butterfly. She'll eat it right up.

Can you think of anymore advice for Idol contestants auditioning in front of Mimi? Tell us in the comments!