Mariah Carey's Feeling "Triumphant" In Her New Single

Welcome back to the music world, Mimi! Fresh from the news of her announcing she's American Idol's next judge, Mariah Carey is back with "Triumphant (Get 'Em)", featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill. With some of the most uplifting lyrics we've heard from Mimi ("Can't fall down stay triumphant keep on living / Stay on your toes / Get off the ropes / Don't let em ever count you out"), as well as the verses leant by the two heavy-hitting rappers, we're loving the combination of R&B + hip-hop on the track. With so many futuristic hip-hop jams these days, we think that "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" is a bit of a throwback to the mid-2000's, production and lyrics-wise.

Listen to the tune below on VEVO, and let us know your thoughts on Mimi's return!