See Lyric Art for Matisyahu's New Album Akeda

We'll be revealing new lyrics each day this week

Reggae-rapper Matisyahu has always been known for writing powerful, deeply personal lyrics, and his new album, Akeda (out June 3rd), takes his genuine songwriting to the next level. Akeda is "the kind of album an artist makes when there is no other creative choice but to turn oneself inside-out, to scrape the insides and reveal everything raw," says Matisyahu, adding, "On this record, I really just wrote from my guts. I wanted everything to come from the inside." This week, we'll bring you a special look at the lyrics from Akeda, as we publish Matisyahu's words in the form of special lyric-art, made from Akeda imagery.
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Of the album's opening track "Reservoir," Matisyahu sheds light on how the song's lyrics came to be:

"The title, 'Reservoir,' refers to the reservoir in Central Park that I've found myself walking around at different times in my life. One day, it occurred to me that I'd never gone all the way around it, never completed the circle. It made me realize how much I wanted closure and a sense of completeness in my life."

Update: We've now published every lyric-sheet from Akeda. See them all below.

1. Reservoir

2. Broken Car

3. Watch The Walls Melt Down

4. Champion

5. Built To Survive (feat. Zion I)

6. Ayeka (Teach Me To Love)

7. Black Heart

8. Star On The Rise

9. Surrender

10. Confidence (feat. Collie Buddz)

11. Vow Of Silence (Shalom)

12. Obstacles

13. Hard Way

14. Sick For So Long

15. Akeda

Stream the entire Akeda album below as you read along with the lyrics.

Matisyahu's Akeda is available to download on iTunes today.

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