Maybach Mayhem: Jay-Z and Kanye West "Otis" Music Video

You know those people who stand in line for the next Playstation model or Mac product only to smash the new technology in front of the store immediately after purchase just to prove how rich they are? "Otis" is kind of like that, only on a way bigger scale. 

Essentially Hova and Yeez "modify" a Maybach and pull doughnuts in an abandoned (read: entirely rented out) warehouse lot, with four models (can you imagine being cast for this video????) holding on for dear life in the backseat. 

Oh yeah, and Aziz Ansari is there for a hot second, driving the car and throwing his arms around as if he was just walking by the set the day they were filming the video and director Spike Jonze was like "Hey, Aziz, got a minute? Wanna be on TV?" 

The video may be simple (white tees, blue jeans, ONE car), but it's the ultimate exhibition of Jay-Z and Kanye's wealth. Instead of the video saying "we have enough money to stand next to expensive cars in Gucci suits with women in bikinis," "Otis" says "we have enough money to do whatever the hell we want to a 300-400k Maybach and joy ride it. Who cares if it gets ruined, we're rich y'all! Oh and guess what? After we've broken the car and put the pieces back together, we're going to auction it for more money than we bought it for. Cool huh?"

Yeah okay, you got us. It is pretty cool.