Mia Martina's "HFH" Is Your New Broken-Hearted Anthem

We have the official premiere of the song's lyric video. Ready to go H.A.M. over Mia's "HFH"?

Some breakups require a long hot bath, a good cry, and a couple spins of Adele's 21 in order to get over your ex. But singer-songwriter Mia Martina prefers to put her broken heart out in the open in a hard-hitting electro-pop banger, like on new track "HFH." Standing for Heart F***ing Hurts, "HFH" sees the Canadian native spitting hard truths like Today I just feel like dyin' / Funny now you seem to care if I bleed? and Done with shit that you say / Don't pretend like I'm overreacting again. Forget about sweet and sentimental breakup odes from Mia — "HFH" is just what you need if you're looking for an honest account about how brutal it feels for your love to fall apart.

We're premiering Mia Martina's "HFH" lyric video, which appears to feature the house that both her and her ex-love once shared happy memories in. Now cold and stark, the walls flash red with Mia's sharp lyrics, and go full-on neon when the chorus hits. Watch it in the player above, and get ready to have a new breakup anthem on your hands.
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Pick up Mia Martina's "HFH" single off iTunes today.

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