M.I.A.'s 'Matangi': Get The Tracklisting

The experimental singer-songwriter's new album is due Nov. 5th!

As one of pop music's most experimental and outspoken artists, we're always excited to hear new music from M.I.A. Her fourth studio album, Mantangi, is already gearing up to be one of her best records yet, with the singles "Bring the Noize" and "Come Walk With Me" being a solid mix of fun yet hard-hitting.

Lyrically, the album has been described as "Paul Simon on acid", which to us sounds like storytelling on psychedelics. Usually working with producer/DJ Diplo, she turned to his former Major Lazer partner-in-crime, Switch, to help produce tracks off the album. We feel like her departure from Diplo is a good decision for her, since we feel like he's too tame in comparision to the sound she really wants to get out there.

You have to wait until November 5th until Matangi drops, but at least you can have a peek at the tracklisting:

1. "Karmageddon"
3. "Only 1 U"
4. "Warriors"
5. "Come Walk With Me"
6. "aTENTion"
7. "Exodus"
8. "Bad Girls"
9. "Boom Skit"
10. "Double Bubble Trouble"
11. "Y.a.l.a"
12. "Bring the Noize"
13. "Lights"
14. "Know It Ain't Right"
15. "Sexodus"

For now, watch the music video for M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls" on VEVO below. What song looks the most exciting to you off Matangi?