Michael Jackson's Immortal and Handwritten Lyrics

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop continues to live even after he has left this world. His influence on music and his incredible talents continue to affect the entertainment industry and his fans every day.

Recently, Cirque Du Soleil employed a soundtrack of Michael songs for their latest tour and show entitled THE IMMORTAL World Tour. IMMORTAL, the posthumous Michael Jackson album will be released in a deluxe double-disc. The album redesigns and reimagines more that 40 original MJ recordings into a complete collection that allows for an entirely new musical experience.

You can listen to some of the tracks on IMMORTAL on SoundCloud for a sneak preview of the album, which is out November 21st! 

For all you Michael fans out there, we also wanted to post these amazing handwritten lyrics to Bad where you can see his actual handwriting! Amazing: 

Will you be checking out the IMMORTAL World Tour with Cirque Du Soleil?