Miley Cyrus's Best 'Bangerz' Kissoff Lyrics

Seeing as the singer just revealed "Wrecking Ball" is about Liam Hemsworth, let's see what other 'Bangerz' lyrics she dedicated to him...

Miley Cyrus and her ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth may have been broken up for months now, but it doesn't mean that the pop songstress is forgetting about it anytime soon. In fact, plenty of songs off her huge LP Bangerzthat dropped last year were curiously filled with tracks about Miley leaving her lover behind, before the couple's breakup was even announced. Coincidence? We think not.

The superstar just took her Bangerz tour across the pond to Europe, and at her London show last week, Cyrus introduced "Wrecking Ball" with a biting rant that started off with the statement "Every time you get in your car, you're going to hear my f***ing song on the f***ing radio, you piece of s***." Whoa! Who else could that be for but for her ex Hemsworth?

We're taking a look at the lyrics of other tracks off Bangerz that, we're assuming, Miley penned for Liam as well:


You promised you would be there when I go / But all the broken promises I won't miss, I'm finished / All I know are the facts / That when I look you in the eyes all I see are the lies / Been there, done that...

Breakups are hard. Ask anybody. It can be really easy to still be in love with somebody who hurt you, but in this tender Bangerz track, Miley is clearly coming to terms with the fact that she can't trust her ex to keep his promises. You go, girl!

"Maybe You're Right"

How much did you think that I could take / So much for taking this too far / You can't blame me for who I am / It's too late for us to try to be in love right now...

As Miley made her transformation into the cropped-blonde fashion-plate pop-star she is today, she finally came to terms with who she was, and this line from her Bangerz track "Maybe You're Right" shows us that Liam might not have been OK with her self-discovery.

"On My Own"

You never listen when I need someone to talk to / So you switch the subject / Cause, cause it's beyond you / When you talk about your dreams, I'm never included...

Take it from Miley: if you're in a relationship where the other person doesn't include you in their future, maybe it's time to at least have a chat about where you're going, or just dump his or her butt. #timetomoveon

"FU" ft. French Montana

Oh, I know what's been going on / Don't even try to act like Mr. Super Nonchalant / What makes you think, I'd stick around / I'm not as stupid as you sound...

With rumors of Hemsworth flirting with other females while Miley was out, well, just being Miley, "FU" is an awesome track that basically flips the bird to Liam for thinking he could pull off his womanizing ways. That's just our speculation, though.

What's your favorite Bangerz breakup song by Miley Cyrus? Feel free to share it with us in the comments!