Misheard Lyric Of The Week: 1999 - Prince

Images c/o Flickr/oskay, Flickr/music2fish2, Flickr/col&tasha, & Flickr/lara604

Remember when Prince predicted the Y2k panic in his song "1999"? Actually wait—remember "Y2k" in general? Like, just as a thing? Everyone thought all the computers were going to break down, planes would crash, criminals would escape prisons, dogs would escape yards, babies would cry! Absolute madness!!

Okay seriously though, I can't even front like I wasn't scared NYE 2000. While all the other kids were banging pots and pans in the middle of the street, I was running around the house turning the lights on and off to make sure we still had electricity.

But it's not really my fault. Prince illustrated the apocalyptic New Year's scene so vividly, I couldn't help but my terror:
The sky was all purple, there were people running everywhere

Which brings us to this week's Misheard Lyric. Imagine just how chill Y2k would've been if Prince's "1999" lyrics were actually:
This guy was selling pretzels, there were people running everywhere

Who doesn't like pretzels? A salty, buttery, baked good would have definitely calmed down millenium nerves.