Misheard Lyric Of The Week: Chad Kroeger's "Hero"

Have you ever been singing along to a song and caught yourself belting out something, er, weird? Sometimes song lyrics are not always what they seem, or sound like, rather. Case in point: Chad Kroeger of Nickelback's "Hero" from the first Spider-Man movie soundtrack. 

There's a verse near the end of the song where Chad and the featured artist Josey Scott (um, where are you now?) do a back-and-forth vocal exchange, which really confused me when the song was released back in 2002.

Misheard lyric:

"And they're washing us (washing us)

They're washing us (washing us)

As we all fly away" 


"And they're watching us (watching us)

They're watching us (watching us)

As we all fly away" 

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~ A.H.