Misheard Lyric of the Week: Rihanna - Only Girl In The World

Rihanna has been really making headlines lately what with her Grammy performance, her new blonde hair, and most of all her controversial collaborations with Chris Brown. We're rooting for her but we don't know how to feel about the latest news, we just hope she's doing what's best for her. Instead of focussing on the controversial, we wanted to make some jokes and look at the lyrics to Rihanna's hit song "Only Girl (In The World)". The misheard lyric this week combines comfort food, love, and Rihanna:

Original lyric:
I want you to love me / Like I'm a hot ride

Misheard lyric:
I want you to love me / Like I'm a pot pie

After the week she's had, maybe comfort food is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Do you have a funny misheard lyric? Let us know below and maybe we'll use it in the next post!