Misheard Lyric Of The Week: Rocket Man - Elton John

Images c/o Paul Stevenson/Flickr, Rob Ellis'/Flickr, and DrPete/Flickr

Elton John's "Rocket Man" recently shot up our Top 100 and we suspect it's for reasons other than the fact that it's...oh, you know, one of the best songs of all time. 

"Rocket Man" follows a lofty narrative about the life of an astronaut and how unlike the mass public, he doesn't see himself as hero exploring the great depths of our cosmos, but just some average Joe doin' his job. The song was actually based on a story by Ray Bradbury of the same title and has solidified itself as one of the greatest rock ballads ever. 

But of course as with any iconic song, there are always misheard lyrics getting lost in translation, and "Rocket Man" has many. Here's one of our favorites:

Instead of the line...

Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone

Many people mistake it for...

Rocket man, burning all the shoes I've ever known

Lol! So there you have it. "Rocket Man" has been getting so much action on our site because people probably just want to double check that Elton John isn't a shoe-hating pyromaniac. Either that or NASA's getting a head start on their Christmas party playlist.

Brb, going to the moon!