Misheard Lyric Of The Week: Silent Night


Images c/o Grzegorz ?obi?ski/Flickr, hkase/Flickr, and neachic.blogspot.com 

It's time to dust off ye olde Christmas Carol books and spread joy (or headaches) to your surrounding neighbourhoods. Whether we love to hate, hate to love, or genuinely love to love those Christmas chanteuses floating up and down the sidewalk, one thing we can all agree to appreciate is the lone lyrically challenged caroler.

There's always that one person just wingin' it because they've had too many rum and eggnogs the night before. So when it comes to slow jam "Silent Night", instead of singing:

Correct Lyric: Sleep in heavenly peace

They're out to lunch with:

Misheard Lyric: Sleep in heavenly peas

Oops! Looks like someone's got their mind on tomorrow's Christmas dinner.