Misheard Lyric of the Week: Watch The Throne's "N***** In Paris"

Watch The Throne's Kanye West and Jay-Z got the cover treatment this past Monday when pop princess Katy Perry leant some swag to "N***** In Paris" (or, simply titled "Paris") live at BBC Radio 1 in the UK. She had to switch up some of the lyrics to be safe for radio, but still did a great job memorizing all those rap lines!

Since the song now has a resurgence in popularity (thank you Katy), we thought we'd listen to the song and see if we misheard any of the lyrics. Imagine our surprise when we thought we heard this:

The Misheard Lyric:
"Cool Whip so cold, this old thing?"

The Real Lyric:
"Your whip so cold, this old thing?"

Have you made this mistake before? Pretty sure when Kanye drops the word "whip", he's talking about his sweet ride, not a sweet treat.

Do you have any misheard lyrics you'd like to submit to us? Let us know in the comments!