Misheard Lyric: Radiohead - Paranoid Android

This week's Misheard Lyric comes right on the heels of the Coachella lineup announcement. No stranger to the California music festival is Radiohead. The near 30 year old English rock band's prolificacy hasn't dimmed the quality of their work in the least, and having released their album, The King 0f Limbs just last year, they seemed like a fitting headliner. And even without the album—who doesn't like Radiohead, right?

So if you're lucky enough to cop tickets to Coachella 2012 (it's two weekends this year, so you've got no excuse not to) and find yourself in a sweaty daze, shoulder to shoulder with tie-dye clad festival goers swaying to "Paranoid Android", please, oh please, get the lyrics right:

Misheard Lyric
That shirt makes you look pretty ugly

Correct Lyric
Ambition makes you look pretty ugly

While we're sure there won't be any shortage of ironically "ugly" shirts at Coachella, Thom Yorke will most definitely not be commenting on the crowd's fashion sense.