MLB Opening Day: 3 Baseball Songs To Celebrate!

It's the time of year when baseball fans are gearing up to go back to America's Favorite Pastime. That's right, it's Major League Baseball opening day! In honor of the surely exciting season to come, we picked out 3 songs about baseball...

1. Bruce Springsteen - Glory Days

"I had a friend was a big baseball player back in high school / He could throw that speed ball by you, make you look like a fool, boy"

This is one of Springsteen's most recognizable and best-loved songs ever. It's a tribute to those who remember their best years, and still can't seem to let go.

2. John Fogerty - Centerfield

"Got a beat-up glove, a homemade bat, and brand-new pair of shoes / You know I think it's time to give this game a ride"

This catchy tune full of handclaps and baseball nostalgia has become a staple at ballparks everywhere. John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival wrote this song after being inspired as a spectator at a baseball game himself!

3. Nelly, St. Lunatics - Batter Up

"I said but now we're up in the BIG LEAGUES / My dirty it's our turn at bat / And just as long as we livin, it's Lunatics playa / It ain't nuttin wrong with that, huh - Batter up!"

Nelly and the St. Lunatics use baseball as a metaphor for "making it" in the big leagues of life/the music industry but the video is a totally literal, Dirty South version of a community baseball game. We don't think MLB would allow their players to wear bikinis though...

What are your favorite songs about baseball? Let us know below!