Most-Wanted Hip Hop Comebacks

Lately we've been really wanting to hear from some of our favorite artists from the past. Brandy and Monica just reunited for a duet for the first time since "The Boy Is Mine", LL Cool J hosted the Grammys, and we've been hearing buzz about a Missy Elliott comeback. All this throwback news got us thinking of the lyrically-gifted hip hop artists we used to love. Also helping to whet our appetite for old-turned-new-school hip-hop was Cannon's Countdown's list of the Top 6 Most Wanted Hip-Hop Comebacks. Here are 3 artists we all agree we want to hear from again:

3. Andre 3000

Andre 3000 is funny, stylish, and lyrically wacky. He was featured on the album version of Beyonce's "Party" but was replaced by J. Cole when the single was released. When we found this out we were pretty sad: we thought his verse was awesome, laid-back, and perfect for the track. Here's hoping his appearance on "Party" is a hint at his impending comeback...

2. Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill was the golden-child for a while when she released her flawless album The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill but we haven't heard a release from her that is up to par since! She toured all last year but got mixed reviews. We know her talent is still in there and hope she plans on dropping some knowledge on us soon.

1. Ciara

We want a Ciara come back for selfish reasons: we wanna DANCE! Ciara is a total dancing queen and her music always has the ability to make us move. Plus, with lyrics like "Automatic, super-sonic, hypnotic, funky-fresh" we know she has some creativity in her. Ciara, can you also bring Missy E out of hiding?

For the full list, check out Cannon's Countdown. Who would you like to see make a comeback? Let us know below!