Take A Virtual Safari With Mother Mother In New 'Get Out The Way' Lyric Video

A brand new song and a thrill ride of a lyric video from the Canadian rockers

Canadian rockers Mother Mother have released a brand new lyric video for their fist-pumping anthem of a single, "Get Out The Way," and it just so happens to double as a virtual safari. The clip is composed entirely of shots of exotic animals in the wild — everything from lions to elephants to rattlesnakes and beyond — and makes for an adrenaline pumping ride. "Get out the way, get out," sings lead singer Ryan Guldemond on the song's chorus, a message made all the more powerful when overlaid onto a visual of a roaring lion.

"Get Out The Way" is the first single off Mother Mother's upcoming LP, scheduled for an October release, and is available on iTunes Canada now.
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