Gives You Free Music

Our new partner, deserves some props. Providing music fans with the latest in downloadable tracks from the realms of hip-hop, alternative, pop, and emo (lol), each visit to lets you walk away with your iPod fully stocked with a new batch of your favorite tunes. 

We head over there today to get our daily dose of new music and here are a few of our top picks:

1. Calgary - Bon Iver

True to Bon Iver form, "Calgary" is soft, serene, and scenic. Justin Vernon's soothing voice is a must have for any chill sesh. 

2. Dirt - Wu Lyf

"Dirt" is one of those songs that you can feel. The forceful drums and melancholic guitar push you into a dream of sound that you don't want to wake up from. Pair with: sun, friends, and smiles. 

3. Before The Bridge - Future Islands

If you're a fan of bass heavy bands like New Order or Interpol, you'll dig Future Islands. Instead of playing a song, the complex and playful bass riffs on "Before The Bridge" tell a narrative, bringing a refreshingly new structure to the traditional song formula. 

All these songs and countless others are available for free download on Be sure to check in with them daily 'cause these guys churn out a new free download each time the Earth completes a full rotation.