My 3 Songs: About Music

Music...makes the people...come together....yeah? Ok, sorry, we know that's a lyric and we don't mean to plagiarize but don't you think Madonna kind of had a point? Music makes the world go round because every culture and every person has a connection to it. Music can bring us together, and even help us communicate. This week on My 3 Songs, we asked you for your favorite songs about music. It seems kind of confusing for music and lyrics to actually be about music but that's just another example of how our lives revolve around it!

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Aeroplane

I like pleasure spiked with pain / And music is my Aeroplane, it's my Aeroplane / Songbird, sweet and sour Jane / And music is my Aeroplane, it's my Aeroplane

RHCP's lyrics in this song talk about how music can take you higher, just like an airplane. It can take you to a whole other level of thinking and even help you solve problems. Music is like medicine, y'all!

2. Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine - Stereo Hearts

My heart's a stereo / It beats for you, so listen close / Hear my thoughts in every note o-oh

This is a clever song that uses the metaphor of a guy's hear being like a stereo. It makes lots of use of musical metaphors and is a great reference for any future love-letters you may need to write...

1. Madonna - Music

Music makes the people come together, yeah / Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebels

Music can make even the most different-seeming people come together in dance, or appreciation of a song. Madonna knows this because her fans come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, all over the world!


What are some of your favorite songs about music? Let us know below...