My 3 Songs: Lyrics About Candy

Know what's amazing about Halloween? Free candy.

Seriously, think about it. You march up to a stranger's doorstep, pound on the door, scream 'trick-or-treat!!!' at the top of your lungs (can you say rude?) and they give you free candy. Like, what? Who thought of this? They deserve a medal. Can we give them a medal? Probs not, but the least we can do is dedicate this post to them! So in honor of the mysterious individual who thought a holiday dedicated to free candy would be a good idea, we compiled our favorite songs about sugary treats as chosen by you guys. 

3. Candyman - Christina Aguilera  (Submitted by Joshua Holden)

He's a sweet talkin' sugar coated candyman

This song is so bubblegum pop sweet we had to put it on this list! Clearly an ode to her then-hubby Jordan Bratman, Xtina compares him to candy. Unfortunately the couple has since split, which gives this tune more of a bittersweet tone :(.

2. Lollipop (Candyman) - Aqua (Submitted by Nellie Willis)

I wish that you were my lollipop / Sweet things, I will never get enough / If you show me to the sugar tree / Will you give me a soda pop for free

Guys, remember Aqua? As if Lene's voice wasn't sweet enough, they had to come out with this song! Lollipop, sugar tree, AND soda pop? The lyrics alone are giving us cavities. 

1. Tootsie Roll - 69 Boyz (Submitted by Izzy Bella)

Cotton candy, sweet and low, let me see your tootsie roll

This song takes innocent candy and turns it into a risqué dance. But we imagine these lyrics being said after the trick-or-treating is all done and you're trading candy with your friends and siblings. "Look, there's no way I'm gonna give you my cotton candy. Seriously, get real. Hold up—let me see that tootsie roll. Maybe we can work something out after all."