My 3 Songs: Lyrics That Say "Hello"!

Bonjour, Mooshi Mooshi, Hola, Aloha, Ni Hao—it doesn't matter how you say it, it always means "Hello!"

Today marks probably the easiest holiday to participate in: World Hello Day! All you gotta do is say hello to ten people and you're all set. The holiday is meant to promote personal communication and preserve peace. You'd be surprised at how just a simple "Hello" can make someone's day. And if you're too shy, don't sweat it; we've gathered up 3 songs (suggested by our Facebook friends) to help you out:

Hello - Beyonce (Submitted by Ellie Smith)

It was many years ago / Baby when you stole my cool / 'Cause you had me at hello / Hello, hello

This song is about meeting the love of your life for the first time and you just *know* they're the one. So in Bey's case, it's more like "you had me at Hova." On a sidenote, how cute is it that she's greeting all the audience members with handshakes while she performs this? They probs haven't washed their hands since.

Hello, Goodbye - The Beatles (Submitted by Evandro DeSouza)

You say goodbye and I say hello / Hello, hello / I don't know why you say goodbye / I say hello

You know, parting doesn't always have to be such sweet sorrow. Take a page from The Beatles' book, don't say "Goodbye," say "Hello!" The world keeps on a'turnin'.

Hello - Lionel Richie  (Submitted by Lilian Prestamburgo)

Hello! / Is it me you're looking for? / I can see it in your eyes / I can see it in your smile

This is the mother of all "Hello" songs. It seems pretty cute at first, but then kinda gives off a bit of a stalker vibe. While it's totally cool to say "Hello" to a stranger for World Hello Day, maybe lay off the creepy phone calls in the middle of the night...

Now if these songs aren't enough inspiration to get you on a "Hello" spree, we don't know what is. Get to it, folks!

Honorable mentions:

Telephone - Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce

Hello Good Morning - Diddy

Hello, I Love You - The Doors