My 3 Songs: Rooting For The Underdog

Taylor Swift is everywhere in the news these days. With rumors of her and Zac Efron dating to nabbing a role in the film adaptation of Les Mis, TayTay isn't stepping away from the spotlight any time soon. Another reason why Taylor's in the news? She's Vogue's latest covergirl, and also gives an exlusive interview with the legendary fashion magazine.

In regards to songwriting, one of Miss Swift's inspirations finally has a name: Sarah Jaxheimer. In Vogue's interview, it is revealed that the other girl in "You Belong With Me" as well as the girl that she was on the "Outside" looking in to, was this high school rival who apparently looked like she was 25 since seventh grade. Definitely not smooth competition for Taylor "Underdog" Swift!

In light of this news, we thought we'd collect three of our user's fave songs about rooting for the underdog. Taylor might have struggled in high school with this "frenemy" breathing down her neck, but look where she is now! Let's get this list started, shall we?

P!nk - Raise Your Glass (submitted by Jasmine Josy Pallot)

So raise your glass if you are wrong / In all the right ways / All my underdogs, we will never, never be / Anything but loud and nitty gritty, dirty little freaks

Honestly, this song was made for this list: it has the word "underdog" right in the lyrics! P!nk's jam about all of us dirty little freaks who are wrong in all the right ways really roots for the downtrodden: who cares if you're different? Heck, we're all different so we should celebrate together!

Cast of Glee - Loser Like Me (submitted by Ana Claudia Cerda Esparza)

Yeah, you may think that I'm a zero / But, hey, everyone you wanna be / Probably started off like me

The cast of Glee sings this track with all they've got, because when you think about it, a lot of Glee's characters all have issues and trouble fitting in. But the message we get from these lyrics tells all the haters that every single one of THEIR idols started off a loser, so hey, why beat up on them?

Smash Mouth - All Star (submitted by Jasmine Josy Pallot)

Hey now, you're an all star get your game on, go play / Hey now, you're a rock star get the show on, get paid / And all that glitters is gold / Only shooting stars break the mold

This is one of our most fave underdog songs ever! Not only does everybody know the lyrics to it, it just wows us how a song about a normal guy thinking he's an all star could be such a hit. It proves that there's an underdog in everybody, and we can overcome our insecurities no problem with the power of music.

Got anymore underdog songs for us?