My 3 Songs: Songs That Keep It Chill

The most wonderful time of the year is also the most stressful time of the year. But we can all breathe easy now. The hustle and bustle of Christmas with its maniacal gift buying and fake laughing at your Uncle's terrible jokes is now over. All that's left to do now is relax and eat yourself into a stale candy cane induced coma.

But as with all activities, everything's better with a soundtrack (yes, even "chilling"). So here are 3 songs (as chosen by our Facebook users) to get you on your way to chilldom:

3. Video Games - Lana Del Rey (Submitted by our personal friend Jevta Lukic)

Kissing in the blue dark / Playing pool and wild darts / Video games

These three lines epitomize a relaxing, casual evening. Spending time with your hunny, skipping off to a bar or a pub for some (non-competitive) pool and darts, and then finishing the night off with everybody's favorite activity: video games. Who knew Super Mario could be so romantic?

2. Underneath It All - No Doubt (Submitted by Kyle J. Pitre)

You're really lovely, underneath it all / And you want to love me, underneath it all / I'm really lucky, underneath it all / And you're really lovely

There's nothing more relaxing than taking solace in the fact that you can totally be yourself around someone and they'll totally love you for it. Put your feet up, you've found "the one".

1. Groovin' - The Young Rascals (Submitted by Catherine Bland)

Groovin' on a Sunday afternoon / Really couldn't get away to soon / No, no, no, no / Groovin', groovin'

Ah yes, the original gangster of chill songs. "Groovin'" lets you relax and bask in calmness no matter where you are. Laying in bed? Groovin'. Walking the dog? Groovin'. Riding the bus? Oh you better believe we're groovin'.

There you have it, folks. You have our full permission to chill in peace.