my musical mind: Down With Webster

The battle between rockers and rappers has gone on for too long. Enter Down With Webster, a Canadian 6-piece group that fuses the two genres...together! After the band started to create buzz in the biz in 2008, music moguls Gene Simmons AND Timbaland both showed interest in signing the group. The guys politely declined because they thought they'd lose who they were if they were signed by two of the biggest names in music — keepin' it humble, DWW! With a new album under their belts, Time To Win, Vol. 2 (released in November of this year), DWW show no signs of slowing down. We have My Musical Mind surveys filled out by lead singer/guitarist Patrick "Pat" Gillett, drummer Andrew "Marty" Martino, and rapper Cameron "Cam" Hunter. Click the images to make them bigger and enjoy half of DWW's MMM:

~ A.H.