Meet Manika, One Direction's Tour-Mate (My Musical Mind)

Manika is a young pop artist whose energy and fun music earned her the opening spot on One Direction's current tour. Can you imagine having just recently put out your first single ("Just Can't Let You Go") and already touring with one of the most popular boy bands of the moment? That's been Manika's reality. She started writing and performing at a young age and is now working hard on both her upcoming debut album and her tour with 1D. We wanted to know a bit more about this spunky pop singer-songwriter so we asked her to fill out our My Musical Mind questionnaire! Here's what she had to say:

Here's the video for her single "Just Can't Let You Go" featuring Lil Twist:

Are you a Manika fan? Right now Manika needs your help creating a lyric video for her new single "Good Girls"! Fans who make the most creative lyric video have the chance to win an autographed Daisy Rock Girl guitar. Find out more info about the contest and submit your home-made video at SuperGlued :

Here's the song "Good Girls":

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