My Musical Mind: The All-American Rejects

You may be familiar with The All-American Rejects' song "Swing Swing" (their earliest single) or perhaps their song "Move Along" from their second album. Maybe you remember hearing their track "Dirty Little Secret" in teen movies like She's the Man, and John Tucker Must Die. Either way, if you haven't heard of this pop-rock group since they started making waves in 2003, there's evidence to suggest you've been living under a rock.

All jokes aside, The All-American Rejects have been putting out quality music for years and they just recently released their fourth studio album Kids in the Street. To get to know the guys in the band a little better, we asked them to fill out our My Musical Mind questionnaire. Here are their answers!


The All-American Rejects' album Kids in the Street is available now on iTunes.

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