Nelly Furtado Thinks Bigger Is Better In Her "Big Hoops" Lyric Video

Nelly Furtado is making her comeback with a hot new track, and she's been teasing all her fans with sneak peaks behind the scenes. She recently tweeted about her plans to have THREE music videos for her upcoming single "Big Hoops", posted a Facebook photo behind the scenes of one of the videos, and just released a killer lyric video for the song.

"Big Hoops" is all about a girl who wants to have a good time at the club, wearing (what else) big hoop earrings and dancing her butt off. Since Nelly is a b-girl herself, this song has us thinking she's going back to her break-dancing hip-hop roots. Big hoops could be a metaphor for having confidence when you walk into a room, and knowing you can shut the dancefloor down with your moves. Here's the lyric video so you can learn all the words!