Find Out Nelly's Must-Have Tech Gadgets For Making Music On-The-Go

Nelly image of him with his gadgets

A touring musician has to be able to create on the go, and technology plays a huge part in making that happen. Whether for work or play, a musician's gadgets are crucial.

Our friends at CNET sat down with the rapper Nelly for their most recent episode of Hooked Up to find out the gadgets that he can't live without, both when he's on-the-go and at home. Watch the video below to find out the headphones, laptop and camera that Nelly uses on the regular. Nelly also takes us on a tour of the Vatterot College Extreme Institute, a school he co-founded in St. Louis to teach kids music production skills, which just happens to feature a killer recording studio where the rapper has personally laid down tracks. And for aspiring artists out there, CNET senior editor Brian Tong lays out the things you'll need to set up a mobile recording studio yourself.

Check it out below!

And once you're done with that, watch Nelly's latest video for the infectious single "Hey Porsche," and see the lyrics here.