Neon Trees' Song 'Sleeping With A Friend' Is All About Friends With Benefits

And we have the HANDWRITTEN LYRICS to the band's latest friend-lusting single!

Take it from Neon Trees: the whole having-feelings-for-your-friend thing can lead to trouble with a capital T, but that doesn't necessarily mean better judgement prevails. The band's song "Sleeping With A Friend," the first single off their forthcoming third album Pop Psychology, was inspired by a real-life hook-up that lead-singer Tyler Glenn had with a friend. And as you might expect, the song's lyrics go back-and-forth between whether or not "Sleeping With A Friend" is a good or bad idea — one moment it's "Ooh, ooh, you got me in the mood," and the next it's "This is trouble, yeah this is trouble."

In a new Rolling Stone Magazine profile, Glenn calls the song one of his most "personal" to date, which makes sense because, as Glenn asks, "How much more personal can you get than sex?" Despite the song's subject matter though, the lyrics are actually quite tame. "The song's not overly sexual - that's the kind of sex song I know how to write."

To create an awesome pice of Neon Trees lyric-art, Tyler Glenn hand-wrote out the words to his friends with benefits anthem, exclusively for us. Check them out below! (Click the image to enlarge.)

We also love the colorful, quirky, 80s-style music video for the song. Why not check it out below?

You can pre-order Neon Trees' upcoming album, Pop Psychology, set for an April 22nd release, on iTunes today.

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