New Album: Alabama Shakes — Boys & Girls

In a world where popular music is over-produced & over-hyped, we love it when we stumble across an act that keeps things humble. Case in point: the Alabama Shakes, a group of classic rock/R&B music fans that paid their dues to get where they are today. You may have heard of the buzzworthy band from famous praisers like Adele, Jack White, or David Byrne. You might have even heard of them from their stellar performance on Conan or MTV's list of 11 Artists To Watch In 2012. Maybe you're just stumbling upon them today. Whatever your case may be, Alabama Shakes are slowly but surely creeping onto everybody's iPods.

What makes this new rock n' roll, soul and blues group so captivating? We believe it's the unadulterated exuberance that the Shakes deliver: in their sound, performance, and songwriting. Take "Hold On", for example: we adore how it was written on the spot by lead singer Brittany Howard during one of their shows!

"There must be someone up above sayin' / 'Come on Brittany, you got to come on up' / You got to Hold on..."

The first studio album from Alabama Shakes, Boys & Girls, is availible now. Here's the full tracklisting:

1. Hold On
2. I Found You
3. Hang Loose
4. Rise To The Sun
5. You Ain't Alone
6. Goin' To The Party
7. Heartbreaker
8. Boys & Girls
9. Be Mine
10. I Ain't The Same
11. On Your Way