New Album: The All-American Rejects "Kids In The Street"

Remember when The All-American Rejects first hit the airwaves more than ten years ago? The pain in lead singer Tyson Ritter's vocals in "Swing Swing" appealed to those with broken hearts, and "The Last Song" made all the blink-182 and Sum 41 pop-punk fans root for the foursome.

After spawning hit single after hit single ("Move Along" and "Gives You Hell", just to name a few) throughout their lengthy career, The All-American Rejects are back with their fourth studio album Kids In The Street, out now, which the band had been working on since 2010.

The lyrics on AAR's new album show progression and maturity, making the collection of songs feel fresh and genuine. Ritter commented on the concept behind the album, stating "It's about a guy losing his way and finding it through reflection and self-realization".

Ritter made another poignant comment about the album. Speaking to Billboard, Ritter admitted "I went from the floor to standing up, and I think the whole record reflects that thematically". Our friends at Street Date called the album "a story instead of just a collection of compositions", making this record the deepest yet from The All-American Rejects.

Watch AAR describe the title song from Kids In The Street on TRACK BY TRACK:

We've got Kids In The Street's full tracklisting and lyrics here:

1. Somebody's Gone
2. Beekeeper's Daughter
3. Fast And Slow
4. Heartbeat Slowing Down
5. Walk Over Me
6. Out The Door
7. Kids In The Street
8. Bleed Into Your Mind
9. Gonzo
10. Affection
11. I For You

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