New Album: The Cranberries — Roses

90's grunge fans, rejoice! Irish rockers The Cranberries, the hitmakers behind anthems "Zombie" and "Linger" are back with their first record in ten years: beautifully and simply titled Roses. We know, we know — when bands have a huge gap between album releases and have a "comeback", the expectations usually outweigh reality, but you don't need to worry about The Cranberries going down that road. Check out the first single from Roses, "Tomorrow", and read what lead singer Dolores O'Riordan had this to say about the track:

"It's about the way we sometimes hyper over-escalate things in our minds, overthink about things...when sometimes spontaneity and just jumping in is better. Tomorrow you might not have that moment back again."

Lyrically, The Cranberries run with romance and relationship theme on Roses and take it to the next level, with some of their best songwriting to date. The 11 total songs on the album have an dark underlying theme that really referenced how the band grew apart during their ten year break. For more info on the new release from the 90's icons, head on over to Street Date.

Are you excited for new music from The Cranberries? Roses is available now wherever you get your music.