New Album: The Ting Tings "Sounds From Nowheresville"

It's been a while since UK electro-rock duo The Ting Tings topped the pop charts (not to mention the blogosphere). Their 2008 debut We Started Nothing was not only a platinum hit, it spawned singles that are still played to this day, such as "That's Not My Name" and "Shut Up And Let Me Go" (hey!). Cut to 4 years later in good ol' 2012, and the feisty Brits are back in business with their sophomore release Sounds From Nowheresville.

Out now, the album is a collection of tracks that feel fresh, exciting, and and energetic. The description might sound like a typical way to describe The Ting Tings, but the group has definitely taken their sound and elevated it to the next level. Look out for extremely catchy hooks in the songs "Guggenheim" and "Day to Day"! Lyrically, the band keeps things party-centric but also clever, with this verse from the first single "Hang It Up":

I wanna write about setting something free / All the changes drives us back to see / And this is all about starting out again / Same, or same, or never same

The tracklist for Sounds From Nowheresville is as follows:

1. Silence
2. Hit Me Down Sonny
3. Hang It Up
4. Give It Back
5. Guggenheim
6. Soul Killing
7. One By One
8. Day to Day
9. Help
10. In Your Life

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