New Found Glory: (Relatable) Songwriters Of The 21st Century

New Found Glory's Jordan Pundik — songwriter straight out of The Matrix

Everybody's favorite original punk-poppers New Found Glory held a session at KROQ's Red Bull Sound Space for a performance in celebration of their new album Radiosurgery this past week. The band also answered questions from their die-hard fans who were present: fans from literally all over the world!

One fan asked how the music scene has changed to them, and the group revealed that their songwriting process has changed futuristically — they all video chat with one another while creating their tunes!

Another fan admitted to the band that their lyrics were drastically relatable: she get through breakups, her parents fighting, and general rough times with NFG's lyrics to comfort her.  

What do you think of New Found Glory's futuristic approach to songwriting?

~ A.H.