New Music from Ke$ha: "U Better Know"

With all the ladies in pop ruling the charts these days, we're used to listing out Rihanna, Adele, Beyonce, and good ol' Ke$ha, but then we think: wait, Ke$ha hasn't been in the game since her "Till The World Ends" remix with Nicki Minaj! Seriously gurl, where have you been? Looks like the glitter-clad popstar's been recording new music behind the scenes, and "U Better Know" is one of the tracks she's been working on!

The tune's got an Alanis Morissette "You Oughta Know" theme to it, with its rock n' roll guitars and stronger-than-you lyrics. The title isn't too far off either, no? 

"I'm not that girl / So many silent words I'm just learning to say / You cannot break me / Like you broke me down, yesterday"

Instead of talk-rapping about partying and such, as per the usual Ke$ha way, "U Better Know" is kind of a cool girl-power anthem about telling an ex that they're not gonna mess with her anymore. You tell him, Ke$ha!

What do you think of "U Better Know"? Are you digging Ke$ha's new attitude, or do you want the party girl back?

~ A.H.