New Single: Fireball by Willow Smith ft. Nicki Minaj

Um, HELLO? Can we get the party started?

Sorry, not trying to be rude, just singing along to the lyrics to Willow Smith's newest single Fireball featuring the one and only Nicki Minaj! The single is probably the sassiest release from the pint-sized cutie yet (dare we say it's better than Whip My Hair? We think maybe it is...) and the collabo with Nicki Minaj does not disappoint.

In the song, Willow declares that she's the Fireball of the party and Nicki Minaj seems to be showing her the ropes:
Put you under my wing, I'm the top boss / Ain't from Louisiana, but I'm hot sauce

That's ADORABLE. We're imagining Nicki as Willow's cool aunt, taking her to rap shows and buying her loads of Barbies. We can't wait for the video for this song to come out (expect lots of pink and hair whipping) and for these two to perform together soon. You can listen to Fireball here:

And if you're itching to see some of Willow's best performances (as chosen by Nick Cannon!) check out Cannon's Countdown: Willow's Top Performances (So Far). Good lookin' out with the "(So Far)" part, Nick, we expect more great performances from her to come!