New Video From Nicki Minaj: "Stupid H**"

We all know that Nicki Minaj is a little bit, well, crazy! She's always been the queen of technicolor, eye-catching outfits, and making some of the best wacky facial expressions we've ever seen. That said, with her new video for "Stupid H**", the second song she's released from her upcoming album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, Nicki delivers on all three of those aspects.

When we first heard this diss track, we wrote up a post about Nicki's harsh lyrics. She really lets loose on her so-called beef with fellow rapper Lil' Kim on this song! Her best line in the song?

"[She] talkin' she the queen when she lookin' like a lab rat / I'm Angelina, You Jennifer / Come on, b*tch / You see where Brad at"

Basically comparing the hip-hop queen crown to Brad Pitt, Nicki's saying that she's Angelina Jolie (the new Queen of Rap) and Lil' Kim is Jennifer Aniston: Brad's no longer in her possession.

Honestly, we think this video should come with a warning like Kanye's "All Of The Lights". Let us know what you think about Nicki's eye-popping video for "Stupid H**":