News: Adam Lambert Tweets New Lyrics!

Ever since our favorite American Idol runner-up debuted his new song, "Outlaws Of Love" during a performance in July, we've been dying for more new tastes of his upcoming album. 

It was at a concert in Quebec where "Outlaws Of Love" had its maiden voyage, showcasing the lyrics, " Everywhere we go, we're looking for for the sun / Nowhere to grow old, we're always on the run / They say we'll rot in hell, but I don't think we will / They've branded us enough / Outlaws of love. " Woah. What's more romantic than love on the run? 

"Outlaws Of Love's" raw words had us begging for more, so over the weekend Adam tweeted a bunch of new lyrics (yo is he telepathic or something?). Here are some of the lyrical tweets:

" I'm swinging off of my hinges, I'm cocked and I'm ready to go "

" All along, I tried to pretend it didn't matter if I was alone... "

" Lost inside communication breakdown, better just read my lips. Comin' in clearer when we get down. iceberg. Just the tip. "

Hmmm.. the theme seems to be sheer honesty and Adam simply bearing his most personal thoughts. We don't know about you guys, but these lyrics didn't really help quell our anticipation, because now we want even more!!! Later Lambert tweeted, "There's biz & technical stuff to sort...I'm workin as fast as I can...Thank you all for being so patient. As soon as I know more — u will."

Sigh. His new album is set for an early 2012 release. Patience is a virtue, Glamberts.