NEWS/Double-Dip: T.I. and Crystal Waters

T.I. was released from prison a month early this morning. The rapper was sent to jail for 11 months in October 2010 for violating his probation on a federal weapons charge, and is now headed to a halfway house. 

So, what's the first thing T.I. did upon his release? Tweeted of course! "The storm is over & da sun back out. IT'S OUR TIME TO SHINE SHAWTY!!!!! Welcome to the beginning of our Happy Ending!!!!"

Apparently he's got a book deal AND a reality show comin' down the pipe. I am beyond stoked because (confession alert) I can't get enough of this face.

Now, while we wait for T.I. to make a smooth transition from jail cells to album sales, check out this amazing double-dip. "Why You Wanna" samples the keyboard chord in 90s dance hit "Gypsy Woman". I kind of like it better slowed down in "Why You Wanna" version to be honest, but that could be because I was looking at  T.I.'s chiseled cheekbones the entire time it was playing...