News: Fox News' Laura Ingraham Blasts Chris Brown

I totally understand that the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna debacle occurred over two years ago, and that it's most likely water under the bridge for the two ex-lovebirds, but it's obviously an incident that won't be forgotten. Case in point: Fox News' Laura Ingraham being absolutely flabbergasted about the level of fame that Chris "Breezy" still has, despite his troubles in the past. 

Even though the video is over eight minutes in length, it's an interesting debate. Until Ingraham suddenly switches gears over to Ke$ha? We get it: the "Get Sleazy" queen of autotune doesn't have the most mature subject matter in her lyrics, but she only appears to be using said "drunk in public" image like a gimmick. There aren't any headlines saying that she was destructive on public television (remember this incident?). 

From the 5:00 mark in the video, check out Ingraham awkwardly reading out Brown's, um, classy lyrics for a good LOL. I don't agree with how brashly she tears Breezy a new one, but I do see her overall point: this guy is still famous even though he did an unforgivable thing. Pretty intense stuff.

Do you agree or disagree with the points brought up in this video?

~ A.H.