News: Lady Gaga's Yoü and I Video Is Only 9 Tweets Away

Remember when we posted about Lady Gaga filming her newest music video in Nebrasaka? She hadn't yet revealed which song the video would be for but we guessed Yoü and I because of the lyrics:

There's only three men that I'ma serve my whole life
It's my daddy and Nebraska and Jesus Christ

Well folks, looks like we (and many other Little Monsters) were right! Gaga confirmed yesterday tweeting:

This got us all excited so we did a little investigating. Nothing too sneaky, we just looked at how many tweets she had done so far:

That means we're only 9 tweets away from the premiere of the Yoü and I video! Gaga has been tweeting an average of twice a day lately so this could come sooner than we think. Fingers crossed Monsters!